Who Makes Ironman Tires? And Tire Warranty

Ironman Tires is a sub-brand of Hercules Tire and Rubber Co., founded in 1952. The company’s name comes from the Ironman, who needs great strength for this task and has a goal other than winning races or competitions; he wants people to know about these events too!

Are Ironman Tires Worth Buying?

With 60 months of warranty and the extensive collection of automotive tires, it is worth buying.

How Ironman Tires Warranty Works?

The Ironman Tires warranty is valid in the USA and Canada.

Ironman Tires offers an excellent warranty. The warranty is valid for 60 months from the date of purchase or manufacture. If you cannot provide proof of purchase, the company will determine the date of manufacture for warranty purposes.

The warranty applies to the original owner and to the car on which the tires were previously mounted.

There is a free replacement warranty if the tires were used for non-commercial vehicles and were not mishandled. Still, it is based on the first 1.6 mm or 2/32 of the tread of the original usable tire to be eligible for the warranty.

But you must know that mounting, balancing, and other taxes are excluded from the refund.

If the tire tread becomes 2/32 or less, the tire is considered 100% worn.

Important safety note: An owner must know the safety instructions and the correct air pressure and vehicle alignment to maintain and rotate a tire. This can help ensure that you get what you expect from your tires, like good performance and long life.

Road Hazard Warranties

This is a roadside damage protection policy effective from the date of purchase until the expiration of two (2) months or until the tire reaches 50% of its helpful tread, whichever occurs first.

If an eligible tire is damaged within the first 1.6mm (2/32nds inch) of treadwear or the first 12 months from the date of purchase, such tire will be replaced at no charge with an equivalent Ironman brand tire.

Coverage will be pro-rated through an adjustment process after the free replacement period for eligible tires up to 50 percent usable tread depth or for a maximum of two (2) years or until the first year of coverage.

Road Hazard Exclusions:

Here are some Road Hazard Exclusions:

1. A tire that has failed or been damaged because of:

  • Vandalism
  • An Accident
  • Industrial Use
  • Commercial Use
  • Agricultural Use
  • Racing
  • Off-Road Use
  • Pieces of Snow
  • Snow Chains
  • Irregular Or Rapid Wear
  • Worn Mechanical Parts On the Vehicle

2. Tires are removed from the vehicle on which they were originally mounted.

3. Inconvenience, loss of time, and loss of use of the vehicle

4. Any tire used on an emergency response vehicle.

5. Repairable under USTMA guidelines.

6. Tires that exhibit the effects of an apartment or severe loss of pressure.

7. Series 40 series and below (i.e., 40, 35, 30, 25, and 20).

What are some Different Types of Ironman Tires?

There are different Ironman Tires that are suitable for other vehicles, such as:

  • Touring/Performance
  • CUV/SUV/Light Truck
  • Winter
  • All-Steel Light Truck
  • Commercial Tires


Here are some Touring/Performance Tires:


With a tread pattern designed to provide excellent grip in wet and snowy conditions, the Ironman iMOVE GEN 3 AS is perfect for higher-performance sports cars or sedans. This all-season tire offers exceptional performance without sacrificing even wear life!


  • iMOVE GEN 3 AS Tires gives you the traction, stability, and performance on dry pavement that your car needs.
  • The reinforced sipes support all seasons of use while offset slats create sharp edges for snow-covered roads or slippery ice conditions!


The GR906 offers excellent rough-weather handling thanks to an advanced tread design that provides better traction and responsiveness. Made from a rugged all-season compound, this is one of the best entry-level tires on the market today for enterprise benefits with reduced noise levels as well as increased stability from high-density sipes that make driving on wet or snowy roads. Much easier!


  • The GR906 features an advanced, symmetrical tread design that improves stability and traction in wet or snowy conditions.
  • The high-density sipes give you the edge over competitors with their excellent grip on all types of roadways while minimizing noise for a more secure ride experience!


The iMove Gen2 AS Tire is a next-generation wear-resistant compound and features an advanced pressure distribution design. It provides even wear, longer tread life, and year-round reliability!

With circumferential grooves that optimally drain water to minimize the risk of aquaplaning, this tire impresses with exceptional quality in an impressive range for different wheel diameters – making it the perfect companion for your daily journey or weekend adventure!


  • The iMOVE GEN2 AS is a high-performance tire that delivers excellent traction in the wet or dry.
  • The asymmetric design provides an enhanced response to turns without sacrificing stability during acceleration – it’s perfect if you need reliable handling!
  • 60-month limited warranty plus Road Damage Protection gives this product top ratings by customers who know how important quality products are.

CUV/SUV/Light Truck

Here are some CUV/SUV/Light Truck Tires:

All Country AT2

The All-Country AT2 is the perfect tire for anyone who needs to conquer anything. The angled tread blocks provide excellent traction on all surfaces. It handles well with rugged handling capabilities that will never let go no matter what happens; there’s also an unyielding grip so you can drive over any terrain without worrying about slipping or losing control!


  • All Country AT2 tires are made with angled tread blocks for enhanced traction on dirt and gravel roads.
  • The Zig Zag grooves are explicitly designed to provide a quieter ride, four circumferential grooves that improve traction in wet conditions, and full-depth sipes that give you a better grip when driving through snow or rain!


The All Country A/T can be found on the most demanding terrain with its wide, angled grooves enhance water evacuation and provide traction when needed. This tire’s durable rubber makes it reliable in any situation – no matter what surfaces you are navigating through!


  • Large tread blocks and deep grooves ensure excellent off-road traction.
  • Lug tread improves traction in muddy conditions and protects against punctures.
  • Tread compound provides durability and improved wet traction.
  • The cavity ratio is one of the things that makes your tires work well in the mud, water, and snow.
  • It has a 60-month limited warranty and protects your car from damage on the road.


The iMove Gen2 SUV tires are an excellent choice for performance-oriented drivers who want both quality and esthetics. With several intelligent design features that provide dynamic on-road performance, this product can carry your car much farther than before with minor wear and tear!


  • The iMOVE GEN2 SUV Tires are designed to improve wet and dry performance.
  • The asymmetrical tread design provides increased traction and cornering grip at highway speeds.
  • The vast circumferential grooves maximize water drainage, which helps prevent hydroplaning on rainy days or when driving through puddles of standing water.
  • This is especially important since the M+S (Mud & Snow) rating guarantees year-round performance without worrying about damaging your vehicle!

Winter Tires:

Here are some winter tires:


Polar Trax WPS is a tire designed for use in harsh conditions, with features that make it even better on snow and ice. The sawtooth tread pattern provides maximum grip to keep you safe when the road gets dangerous – trust me! Every aspect has been precisely designed, so there are no accidents or side effects from excessive noise from these tires.


  • The Polartrax WPS is designed for all-terrain performance, with V-shaped grooves that promote active water drainage and help accelerate snow discharges.
  • This tire has a center rib that is good for traction on ice. It also has standard tires. The tie rods will keep this car from sliding around, and it is suitable for driving in the mountains and deep into the snow.

The Tire Life (How long do Tires Last)

Tires are an essential part of your car, but they do have a limited life span. The straightforward answer is “it depends” on how long tires will last for–a standard set should last 60k-75K miles (or 4-5 years).

What Makes Tires to Wear Down?

Tires should be inspected for wear every time you get new ones.

Tire shops will put air pressure on them, check alignment and suspension parts as well!

How to Extend the Tire’s Life?

It’s easy to make your tires last longer, and the first step is checking air pressure monthly. But don’t stop there- when you get a new set of wheels in rotation every 5k miles or so, it only makes sense that they should be aligned twice yearly as well!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ironman Tires:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these tires:

Who owns Ironman Tires?

Hercules Tire owns these tires.

Where are Ironman Tires manufactured?

These tires are manufactured in Cooper’s facility in Findlay, Ohio, USA.


So in this article, you learned about the Ironman Tires warranty, features, extending tire life, and different kinds of tires.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Ironman tires are the sub-brand of Hercules Tires.
  • Ironman Tires has a wide range of tires for almost all types of vehicles.
  • With proper care of your tires, you can keep them for years.


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