Who Makes Westlake Tires? And Tire Warranty

Zhongce Rubber Company makes Westlake Tires. Tireco markets the Westlake Tires, which is a US Based Private Brand Company. Tireco is headquartered in California.

Westlake Tires specialize in Passenger and Light Truck Tires.

Are Westlake Tires Worth Buying?

With up to 5 years standard warranty and the most durable automotive tires, the Westlake Tires are worth buying.

How does Westlake Tires Warranty Works?

Westlake Tire offers a standard warranty on all of its products for up to six years from the date it was manufactured or five years after purchase, whichever occurs first. In this case, you may be eligible for replacement as long as your tire has not exceeded those limits and is within our standard wear-and-tear guidelines with reasonable care in both conditions!

What are some Different Types of Westlake Tires?

There are five different Westlake tires, including; 2 passenger car tires and three light truck tires. Here they are explained below:

Passenger Car Tires:

Here are some passenger car tires:


The RP18 TOURING tire series is designed for year-round use and features an all-season touring tread pattern with four circumferential grooves connected to multiple lateral sipes. This design provides optimal wet traction and steering response. At the same time, it contributes to longer tire wear than the typical symmetrical MT /TRP counterpart, as the tire does not need to be rotated when you drive through puddles or other types of water!


  • The pitch of the tire tread reduces noise and provides a pleasant driving experience.
  • The tire’s all-season capability is enhanced by angled grooves and sipes that improve traction for better handling in all seasons.


The SA07 Performance Touring is a high-performance all-season tire that enriches your driving experience. The tire has four wide grooves and blocks with crosses on them. These make the wet traction better, make it faster to accelerate on the road or track, and make fantastic cornering possible too. The center rib is reliable for grip. Without sacrificing too much comfort!


  • The SA07 SPORT tire is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways.
  • The symmetrical all-season tread pattern simplifies tire changes for better wear and durability, while the improved control and stability provide a safer ride with more grip on the road!

Light Truck / SUV

Here are some tires for a Light Truck/SUV:


SU318 RADIAL H/T is designed for everyday comfort and styling. The innovative M+S design provides excellent traction year-round, with lateral sipes and four circumferential grooves that promote water drainage to ensure a reliable ride in all conditions – rain or shine!


The SL309 is an all-purpose, high-performance tire for your light truck. The M+S tread features open shoulders and circumferential grooves that drain water and dirt, while the side-mounted tread blocks improve traction on paved roads as well as gravel or dirt surfaces – making this tire an excellent choice for your trip. Into the wilderness!


The rugged SL369 All-Terrain is designed for off-road and rocky conditions. Wide, deep grooves with switchback tread blocks provide optimal traction in adverse conditions, while the tire’s design also provides a smooth ride on the road! And the best part? The tire works wonders when hauling or towing heavy loads – it gives your truck excellent performance both outside and inside the city.

The Tire Life (How long do Tires Last)

The average person drives 12,000-15,000 miles per year, which means tires last three and five years. That’s not long enough for an all-season tire, but if you are willing to take more care of them, they’ll probably last just fine!

What Makes Tires to Wear Down?

There are many reasons why tires wear out too quickly, but we will mention only some of the most common for this article.

These include improper air pressure; if you do not rotate your tires regularly, they can go apartment due to underinflation; if you have a problem with the alignment of the wheels on your vehicle.

This can also cause the tread to wear out quickly, and suspension parts wear out faster than usual due to both factors working together (incorrect driving habits such as accelerating hard without slowing down).

How to Extend the Tire’s Life?

There are a few ways to extend a tire’s life. Here are some ways:

Rotate Tires:

To extend the life of your tires, it’s essential to have them changed regularly.

Experts recommend rotating tires after 5-8 thousand kilometers not to wear out too quickly and can still perform well in wet conditions.

Check tire pressure:

Tires are one of the essential parts of your car, not only because they keep you safe on the road but also because checking tire pressure regularly ensures that each part has enough air. Overinflated tires will cause rapid wear on both ends. Therefore, always check with an accurate gauge before putting too much or too little air in the tires!

Have a Wheel Alignment Carried Out:

To avoid uneven wear on your tires, have them aligned every year. However, if you notice poor handling or the car pulls more on one side than the other, take care of it as soon as possible because these problems can quickly worsen depending on how much force is applied while driving on hard surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Westlake Tires for Your Vehicle:

In this article, you learned about Westlake tires. There are five tires, so it depends on what vehicle you have. The car has different tires than a light truck. If you have a car, both the RP18 RADIAL and the SA07 SPORT are better because of the 45K mile warranty.

 Is Westlake Tires a good brand?

Westlake Tires is a high-quality brand that offers good value. Westlake tires work well on dry roads and perform better in the wet than other cheap options.

Westlake’s performance in both driving situations makes them an excellent choice for drivers who want their car or truck to perform like nothing else!

So yes, it is a good brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Westlake Tires:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about Westlake Tires:

Who owns Westlake?

The Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company owns the Westlake.

When was Westlake Tires founded?

These tires were founded in 1958.


So in this article, you learned about who makes Westlake Tires, features, and warranties.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Westlake Tires have five years standard warranty.
  • The Westlake offers five different kinds of tires.
  • If you maintain your tires, these will last longer.


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