Mazda 3 Best Years and Years to Avoid

Mazda 3 Best & Worst Years

Mazda 3 is a spectacular and unique compact car introduced in 2004. The car has gained an exceptional reputation based on its efficient, zippy, and relatively affordable price. Its stylish and sleek design makes it the best car that has transformed mainly since the first generation. Therefore, Mazda 3 has become a favorite compact based …

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Toyota Highlander Best Years and Years to Avoid

Toyota Highlander Best & Worst Years

The Toyota Highlander has been in production for over two decades since it was unveiled in 2000 at the New York Auto Show. This mid-size SUV is one of the most reliable, safest, and most comfortable vehicles. The vehicle has received many awards, including Kelly Blue Book’s Best Resale Value: Brand of 2021.  Despite …

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Honda Odyssey Best Years and Years to Avoid

Honda Odyssey Best & Worst Years

The Honda Odyssey is considered by many vehicle enthusiasts as the pinnacle of the minivans. It is among the best Honda vehicles, with substantial seating that can accommodate eight passengers, including the driver. Moreover, the cargo bay is large enough to fit several large items.  Honda Odyssey spans over five generations ever since its debut …

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Honda Civic Best Years and Years to Avoid

Honda Civic Best and Worst years

According to a 2022 Insurify study, the Honda Civic is among the ten most popular cars driven on American roads. The vehicle currently accounts for about 2.59% of vehicles on the road and is the most common vehicle in California. Honda Civics’ broad appeal comes from its innovative styling and high fuel efficiency standards. Despite …

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Mazda CX-5 Best Years and Years to Avoid

Mazda CX5 Best Years and Years to Avoid

Mazda CX-5 has become a highly popular and best car model. The Japanese machine has seen progressive transformations since its debut in 2013. However, regarding the positive reviews received, the car has also been criticized based on the premium interior features, sporty styling alongside spirited handling. In addition, Mazda CX-5 utilizes skyactiv technologies that depend …

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Honda Pilot Best Years and Years to Avoid

Honda Pilot Best & Worst Years

Honda Pilot is one of the most beloved family cars today. The 2012 Honda Pilot was honored as the “Family Car of the Year” from The model was introduced in 2003 into Honda’s mid-size crossover SUV category. However, despite its reputation as a reliable and safe family vehicle, the Honda Pilot has had some …

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Subaru Outback Best Years and Years to Avoid

Subaru Outback Best & Worst Years

The Subaru Outback is seen as an Off-road station wagon, which has the off-road capabilities of an average size SUV specification. The vehicle has a large space and various storage areas. It is a perfect family SUV and comes with many safety features. Not all the outback models are reliable. Some are more reliable than …

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Subaru Forester Best Years and Years to Avoid

Subaru Forester Best Years and Worst Years

Subaru Forester is a very popular and safe car model. It has been manufactured since 1998 and is still in production. However, many Subaru Forester model years are unreliable and may have some severe problems. If you are thinking about buying a used Subaru Forester, it is best to avoid these years. Here are the …

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