Who Makes Westlake Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Westlake Tires

Zhongce Rubber Company makes Westlake Tires. Tireco markets the Westlake Tires, which is a US Based Private Brand Company. Tireco is headquartered in California. Westlake Tires specialize in Passenger and Light Truck Tires. Are Westlake Tires Worth Buying? With up to 5 years standard warranty and the most durable automotive tires, the Westlake Tires are …

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Who Makes Cooper Starfire Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Starfire Tires

Cooper Tire and Rubber makes the Starfire Tires. These tires are constructed under high standards. Cooper Tire and Rubber are a famous American Company. Are Starfire Tires Worth Buying? Yes. With a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and durability of these tires, these are worth buying. The company that owns these tires is Cooper Tire and Rubber. …

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Who Makes Milestar Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Milestar Tires

Who Makes Milestar Tires The Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation makes the Milestar Tires. Tireco distributes these tires in North America. Are Milestar Tires Worth Buying? Yes. With an outstanding warranty and an extensive collection of tires, these are worth it. How Milestar Tires Warranty Works? All tires, tubes, and wheels supplied by Tireco are warranted …

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How to Clean Brakes Without Taking Tires Off

How to Clean Brakes Without Taking Tires Off

Maintaining our vehicle can be a daunting task. Car maintenance goes beyond a simple washing activity using a pressure hose. One of the many parts to maintain is the brake system, but the wheels make the job difficult. Can you clean brakes without taking tires off? If you talk about thorough cleaning of the brake …

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Nail, Screw, or Bolt in a Tire: What to do?

Bolt in a Tire What to do

Did a bolt in your tire catch you by surprise? Tires are susceptible to road objects that cause them to go flat, and one of these objects is a bolt.  Now, there might be some questions running on your mind, including: How the bolt got in the tire The safety of driving with a bolt …

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Who Makes Hercules Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Hercules Tires

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company began manufacturing Hercules tires in the 1960s. Both Cooper Tire and Hercules work together today. Hercules Tires is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of replacement tires. Are Hercules Tires Worth Buying? Yes. Hercules Tires are popular in the world. They have durable tires when it comes to the competition. …

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Who Makes Mastercraft Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber makes Mastercraft Tires. Cooper Tire’s other brands include Dean, Starfire, Roadmaster, Avon Tyres, and more. Mastercraft Tires offers a detailed guide to tire safety and installation. Are Mastercraft Tires Worth Buying? Yes. You can get your tire replaced on specific conditions with different kinds of flexible warranties like standard and No-Charge …

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Who Makes Bosch Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Bosch Batteries

Exide Technologies makes Bosch Batteries. Exide Technologies is a Fortune 500 company that makes and recycles lead-acid batteries. They also have a large recycling and research facility in the United States. The company manufactures two types of lead-acid batteries: the flooded battery and the valve-regulated battery. They claim that their flooded batteries are used in …

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV Review: Winter Champion

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV Review

The winter season is a true challenge for SUV owners, especially those whose vehicle does not have proper winter tires or has a winter tire that needs replacement. Aside from an age-old danger of the black ice, there are also braking and acceleration issues that most drivers experience. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV can provide the …

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Can You Restud Snow/Winter Tires?

Can You Restud Snow Winter Tires

Anyone living in areas that experience extreme winter weather knows the advantages of studded tires to improve a vehicle’s performance on icy and hard-packed snowy roads. But when the studs go bad, can you replace them? Can you restud snow tires? Experts, car owners, and drivers are in consensus that snow tires should not be …

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What Lift Do You Need For 33-inch Tires?

What Lift Do You Need For 33-inch Tires

People nowadays are lifting their vehicles not only for aesthetic purposes but also for practical reasons. Whatever your reason, you must install the right lift to avoid damaging your car. What lift do you need for 33-inch tires? Ideally, you will need a minimum of 2.5 to 3-inch lift for 33-inch tires. On top of …

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Why Are My Tires Leaking Around the Rim?

Why Are My Tires Leaking Around the Rim

You are constantly losing air pressure on your tire, and you cannot see any signs of damage or puncture on the tread area or the sidewall. Then, the problem could be around your rim. Rim leaks can be a real hassle as you can get a flat tire at any given time. Your tires could …

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Why Do People Put Tires on Their Roofs?

Why Do People Put Tires on Their Roofs

Putting tires on the roof is noticeable if you travel around the south. If you’ve traveled around New Mexico, you will see that this is a common practice. Why do people put tires on their roofs? Worn-out tires serve as roof protection from strong winds. These also help prevent the roof from rumbling. Some people …

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How Do You Tell if Your Tire was Slashed?


Your tire went flat, and you could not think of any possible reasons. You start wondering that maybe someone has vandalized your tire. How do you tell if your tire was slashed? It isn’t easy to determine if your tire was a victim of slashing or vandalism, but the quickest thing to check is the …

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How to Jack Up a Car on an Uneven Surface or Slope

how to jack up a tire on uneven surface

Getting a flat tire on an uneven surface is not impossible. If it happens, it would be inconvenient to replace or repair your tire when you need to jack it up. If you want to know how to jack up a car on an uneven surface, you’ve come to the right place. Jacking up a …

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What Causes a Tire To Go Flat Overnight?

what causes a tire go flat overnight

It is a beautiful morning, and you are all dressed up and ready to hit the road, but the flat tire greets you as you approach your vehicle. It is not a pleasant scenario to start your day. What could be the reason for this? What causes a tire to go flat overnight? The apparent …

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Do I Need TPMS Sensors For Winter Tires?

Do I Need TPMS Sensors For Winter Tires

As the winter comes, car owners make personal decisions to switch to proper winter tires to ensure safety. Along with this decision is the question of whether it is necessary to install Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors or not. Legally, TPMS sensors are required for your winter tires as the law mandates them. TPMS …

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Who Makes XS Power Batteries? Find the Battery Warranty

Who Makes XS Power Batteries

Ioxus® makes XS Power Batteries. The Ioxus is High-Performance Ultra Capacitor Cell & Module Manufacturer. The XS Power offers AGM and Lithium Batteries for vehicles and machinery. The Manufacturer of XS Power Battery The Ioxus company is a developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage systems (CESS) consisting of ultracapacitor cells and modules. The principal …

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Who Makes Northstar Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Northstar Batteries

EnergySys makes NorthStar Batteries. Northstar was started in 2000 by experts in Lead Acid Batteries. It has an extensive collection of automotive batteries. They have enhanced the high range of AGM Battery Technology. EnergySys is a manufacturer of battery systems for motive power, reserve power, and other equipment. They manufacture reserve power systems in addition …

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Who Makes AC Delco Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Ac Delco Batteries

Clarios makes ACDelco batteries now. Delphi was the manufacturer until 2006 Johnson Controls took over its battery business. And Johnson Controls sold their battery company in 2019 to Brookfield Business Partners and formed Clarios. So, Clarios is the manufacturer of ACDelco batteries now. General Motors (GM) owns the AC Delco Batteries brand. The AC Delco …

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Who Makes Super Start Extreme Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Super Start Extreme Batteries

The Super Start Batteries are 100% Australian-owned and make OEM batteries for other clients. Super Start Batteries make their batteries. They started in 1990 by operating from a van in the suburbs of Sydney. Is Super Start Extreme Battery Worth It? Yes. Because these are AGM Batteries which are popular and long-lasting. They also offer …

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Who Makes Odyssey Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Odyssey Batteries

EnerSys Energy Products Inc. makes Odyssey Batteries, which is the subsidiary of EnerSys. The EnerSys® is the global leader in producing automotive, military, and industrial applications. EnergySys is a manufacturer of batteries and related equipment for reserve power and motive power. They manufacture and distribute reserve power and motive power batteries, battery accessories, battery chargers, …

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Who Makes Optima Batteries? and Battery Warranty

Who Makes Optima Batteries

Clarios makes Optima Batteries. Clarios is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive batteries. They use a unique patented plate material to provide the power and long life required by vehicle, marine, commercial, or specialty battery applications. Johnson Controls was the manufacturer until December 2019, Johnson Controls automotive battery business was sold to Brookfield …

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Who Makes Rural King Batteries? and Battery Warranty

Who Makes Rural King Batteries

Exide Technologies LLC makes Rural King Batteries. These batteries are very popular because they have a good reputation for being dependable. Exide Technologies LLC is based in Milton, Georgia. Exide Technologies manufactures several types of batteries, including car batteries, motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, RV batteries, lawn & garden, and more. It also recycles old batteries. …

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How Long Can You Drive on Tires with Cords Showing?

How Long Can You Drive on Tires with Cords Showing

You want to get your money’s worth, so as much as possible, you want your tires to last longer to save some bucks. Sometimes you see some cords showing on your tires and wonder if it will continue to serve. How long can you drive on tires with cords showing? Users and tire experts say …

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Can Hitting a Curb Cause Frame Damage?

Can Hitting a Curb Cause Frame Damage

Hitting a curb is probably among the disturbing incidents you experience when you are driving. Some people fail the driving test because of hitting a curb, but we will not talk about that. We will talk about the effect of hitting a curb on your car’s frame. Striking a curb can potentially bend your vehicle’s …

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